Leaf Blower CFM Vs MPH: Discussion & Product Recommendation

Leaf Blower CFM Vs MPH

Leaf Blower CFM Vs. MPH | Discussion & Product Recommendation: Leaf Blower is one of the best and most demanding gardening tools. We often get a lot of dirt in our garden and backyard. It is necessary to clean them off regularly. But you can’t just sweep them away. They are mostly dry leaves and trash. In that case, you need the leaf blower to clean them off. But, there are a few pieces of information that you should learn before getting one. Thus, we will discuss leaf blower CFM and MPH. CFM and MPH define a lot about the blower’s power and potential.

In addition, we will also discuss different types of blowers. Moreover, there will be a buying guide for a few best leaf blowers for your easy purchase. So, don’t miss out on this exclusive review.

CFM: Cubic Feet Per Minute

Cubic Feet Per Minute is what we call CFM. Usually, it describes how much air a blower nozzle gives out per minute. We measure the air volume in cubic feet. It is similar to airflow but not exactly the same. If the blower has 100 CFM, you do the calculation as then it can blow ten cubic feet of air per minute. Usually, most top-grade blowers have a value of around 450+ CFM. So, they can blow more than 450 cubic feet of air per minute.

In simple terms, it says how much force you can get from right off the blower nozzle. Usually, the higher this number is, the better. Because you can easily blow off dry trash. In addition, a higher CFM indicates that it can also clear off wet dirt. Getting rid of wet trash is quite hard. So, you need a professional-grade blower with high CFM to get rid of them.

MPH: Miles Per Hour

As we said, MPH defines a mile-per-hour metric. It means how much the airflow can travel per hour. In simple terms, it is the speed of your blowing air. When you continuously blow trash or leaves, this will be the speed to push them away. If you want to cover a large area, then its highest speed will always benefit you.

Leaf Blower CFM Vs MPH

We have given you an introduction to both CFM and MPH. Now, let’s discuss what their major differences are. In addition, let’s talk about how each of them influences a backpack blower’s capability.

First of all, CFM shows how much power a blower can push from the nozzle or blower pipe. But, MPH gives the constant airflow speed. If you are cleaning just regular dry leaves or trashes, then higher MPh will help more because you can put a higher constant airflow. It will blow the trash away easily. More importantly, you can cover a long distance with a higher MPH. Thus, MPH helps you to determine how large space you can cover.

But, the thing that MPH doesn’t give you is the instant air force. If the trash is wet or a bit sticky, you can clean them off with constant airflow. You need massive instant force to remove them. This is where CFM is important. It says how much air you can throw right off the blower pipe. If you have strong CFM, you can clean hard trash even if the constant flow is lower. But, higher CFM doesn’t ensure you a high reach. So, you are not guaranteed to cover a huge area.

When choosing a backpack blower, you can’t ignore any of them. You have to find out a product with the proper balance between CFM and MPH. Usually, a professional-grade backpack blower may have 150+ MPH and 450+ CFM. The higher combination you can get, the better performance you will get. It will help you get rid of sticky trashes and cover a large area.

Buying Guide

As we mentioned, there will be recommendations to find out the best CFM and MPH-based backpack blowers. But, these are not the only features you have to consider. Several feature combinations determine if a leaf blower will be worth the purchase. Thus, you have to learn about those factors and compare them. Here, have some suggestions from us.

  • CFM

We mentioned that the initial air count right off the pipe is what we call CFM. It indicates if you can use it for just regular blowing works or more. High powerful tools can blow even wet trash.

  • MPH

Miles Per Hour just shows the constant velocity of airflow. In simple terms, the airspeed you can get while blowing constantly. Higher MPH allows you to clean off a large area.

  • Durability

Certainly, you have to consider durability. Because all these tools are heavy metal items. People use them for large cleaning. Besides, their machine produces a lot of energy for portable works. So, durability keeps the product in the line. It will blow itself up during cleaning if you have cheap quality.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity

These backpack blowers are portable. So, you can remotely use them using fuel. So, having a large fuel tank capacity ensures your long working period. You can cover a lot of cleaning from each fill-up.

  • Weight

Weight is another important feature you need to consider. You have to carry these blowers to use them. So, they are quite demanding. Thus, the less weight they are, the easier you can move. It will not only help you get a smoother and more comfortable usage period.

  • Price Comparison

It will be better if you compare each product from their price point. If the given value doesn’t match its price point, then your purchase is either beneficial or wrong. Many blowers are quite expensive, but they have cheaper alternatives. So, you have to compare their given features in terms of price. Try to purchase the product with the highest price/performance ratio.

Product Review

As we mentioned, you need to find a proper combination between CFM and MPH. So that you can take out hardcore trashes and cover up a huge area. Thus, we are recommending you several professional backpack blowers. You will get a good overall performance from them. Make sure to explore these products from different aspects. There will be a buying guide to assist you as well.

1. RedMax Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower

This is our first recommendation. It is a well-balanced blower which can totally make your cleaning work easier. It has one of the highest CFM values you can get. It can get up to 770 CFM, which is much higher than many professional backpack blowers. Its 77dB noise level is also bearable.

As expected, this is not a cheap item. You may have to pay more than $500 to get it on base price. But, it is still cheaper than many professional gears. Even some of them don’t reach CFM more than 500. So, it is a great choice to clean dry and wet trash.

  • Durable build.
  • Powerful machine.
  • One of the highest CFM.
  • Suitable for heavy workloads.
  • Easy to operate.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Not suitable for regular blowing works.

2. Schröder Backpack Blower



Our next choice is the Schröder backpack blower. This one is pretty similar to our previous pick. In fact, this one is even better. First of all, the CFM. It has 920 CFM, which is much higher than the previous one. Surprisingly, it has one of the highest CFM you can ever get.

Even more, Schröder’s leaf blower costs lower than our previous pick. You can use it for a large yard cleaning, home, or even a complete office cleaning. The power and productivity are remarkable. In addition, it is also a lightweight item. You can hardly get a backpack blower that is this powerful and lightweight at the same time. This one might be the best leaf blower you can go for. The best feature is their 45-days return policy and 5-years warranty!

  • One of the highest CFM (920 CFM).
  • 45-days free return policy.
  • The heavy metal builds quality.
  • Durability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for home & office.
  • Highly productive.
  • Massive airflow speed (230 mph).
  • A bit overkill for regular blowing.
  • The overall build needs improvement.
  • A bit hard to operate.

Final Word: Our Recommendation

Now that we are done explaining the best leaf blower CFM vs. MPH, it is time to get one. So, which one will be best for you? Higher CFM is helpful if you want to clean a bit of sticky or hard-to-remove trash. Otherwise, you can go for a higher MPH. We have mentioned top-grade products with a balanced CFM and MPH.

Best Overall

Undoubtedly, Schröder Backpack Blower is the best blower you can get from both CFM and MPH points. It has one of the highest 920 CFM. Besides, its 230 MPH is also one of the highest—a perfect blowing tool for home and office. Not to mention, it is quite cheaper than many popular leaf blowers. So, this is our best recommendation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a leaf blower?

Usually, a blower with the backpack you can carry somewhere and blow away remotely.

What is CFM?

CFM means cubic feet per minute. The amount of air your blower can push from the nozzle.

What is MPH?

Miles per hour. The constant airspeed a blower uses to push away things.

Which one is important between CFM vs MPH?

CFM gives instant heavy air pressure to remove sticky things. MPH allows you to cover a huge area for cleaning.

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