Best Palm Tree for Indoor 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide

Best Palm Tree for Indoor

5 Best Palm Tree for Indoor of 2022: Reviews with Buying Guide: Are you looking for an excellent edition that can match up your modern living space or house decor? If yes, then you can choose the best palm tree to décor your house.

But can they adjust enough to survive indoor conditions? Certainly yes, if you find the best ones from the market.

A palm tree is a perennial flowering plant that has a large number of varieties and is commonly available in the market. Among these, a good number of species best flourish in indoor conditions. However, you need to find the best palm tree indoors for the desired result.

Are you confused about which one to purchase? Do not take the pressure; our expert team has tried the top palm trees in the market, which suits best indoors. After that, we have made a list of the five best palm trees for indoor.

Before jumping into the list, you need to know about the two categories of palm trees that function differently. By that, you can make a move easily.

Factors To Consider When Choosing This Product

There are some factors which we highly recommend you have a look at. These are a number of buying factors for you to consider before purchasing a palm tree. Some of the factors are:


The size of the palm tree matters if it is indoors or outdoors. The smaller ones are good enough and are less at risk of dying. However, the palm plants that are larger in size are handy enough. Can adjust well with the environment. Have a look at the size as it should fit and go in the long run.


Price can be a key factor in considering any kind of indoor plant. In the case of palm trees, it varies with size and species. Before purchasing any species of the palm tree, have a good look at the plant, size, species as it should last long and adjust with the provided environment.

Compare the plant variety. 

As there are a wide number of varieties of palm trees, you have options to choose from for your home. Even so, it is wise to know which is more preferable for you. You will not want your palm tree to die, or the leaves get dead by the up and down of the temperature. The taller plants are not always the best choice. Always go for the healthy-looking palm tree.


Palm trees are tropical plants that like to grow and live in a warm environment. They can tolerate heat well. But it also depends on their species. The ideal time to plant a palm tree is in spring or early summer. Weather is also better to keep in mind while buying a palm tree.


Some palm tree causes no harm to human, but some palm trees are kind of toxic. So better to follow the instruction provided by the manufacturer. Carefully read the plant level.

So, that’s pretty much what you need to consider before buying the best palm tree indoors.  You can easily find palm trees with so many qualities.  Just keep the factors in mind while buying.

Here’s what you have been waiting for. We have gathered a list of the five best palm trees for indoor. Our review will consist of the pros and cons we have found after using palm trees. Saving you much time by doing tons of research from all sources.

5 Best Palm Tree for Indoor 2022: Top Picks, Reviews & Guide


1. Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree:


Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree can be an excellent addition to your indoor decor.  It is a lovely houseplant you can choose for your house.

It has an elegant look and is sturdy, which makes it unique from all the palm trees species. The lush, dark green foliage works well with most of the color schemes. If you have empty corners in the house, you can easily fill these by placing majesty palm trees. Do not worry about the space as it will not take up much space.

Moreover, it grows best in the east or west window. You can also place this palm tree outdoor like in balconies, shaded patio, etc. As it is light in weight, it will not put much pressure. Also, it does not need regular watering and pruning. Thus, it is the overall best palm tree for indoor considering all aspects.

  • Robust
  • Easy to grow and care for.
  • Comes with less maintenance.
  • Works well with most color schemes.
  • Easily adaptable.
  • Has a classic texture.
  • It can easily fit any home decor style.
  • Lightweight
  • 100% recyclable
  • Can fill empty corners well.
  • No need for regular watering.
  • Regular pruning is not needed.
  • Air purifying houseplant.
  • Can be tolerant of shady spaces.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Can have spider mite problem.
  • Direct sunlight damages the leaves.

2. Brussels Live Pony Tail Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree:


Brussels Live Pony Tail Palm Indoor Bonsai Tree is an ideal choice of indoor plant for both the beginner and expert. Because it is slow-growing, it needs low maintenance.

It is a palm tree that has curly leaves. It has the unique feature of the swollen base of a truck. By that, it reserves water which makes it highly tolerant in dry situations. The texture gives a glimpse of the elephant foot. It will provide you with a graceful look of a tropical palm, and the life span of this indoor plant is a long one.

Furthermore, if you place anywhere like in-home or office, it sure surely give you an elegant look. Most importantly, it can grow and survive easily with less care. So, if you wish to have a nice-looking palm tree, you can easily rely on this.

  • Easy to grow
  • Sturdy.
  • Less care is needed.
  • Grows well in bright sun.
  • Slow growing.
  • Comes with low maintenance.
  • Has a unique look.
  • Requires less amount of water to survive.
  • Can adjust themselves well in weather conditions.
  • Has good features.
  • Highly tolerant to drought.
  • Has a long lifespan.
  • Expensive

3. Costa Farms Pony Tail Palm Bonsai:


Are you a beginner who is looking for easy to care indoor houseplant that is elegant and comes with less maintenance? If yes then, Costa Farms Pony Tail Palm Bonsai is the perfect option for you.

It is a unique kind of palm tree that has long hair like curly leaves. It will provide a new look to your house. It needs no special care like regular watering, pruning, weather issues. This easy-care plant stores water in its truck. It likes to thrive in bright light.

Moreover, it clears the harmful pollutants from the air. It is a slow-growing plant that grows at a good height. Without any doubt, you can place it in your house; it will not harm your children and pets. If you are a beginner, you can try using this palm tree. You will not be disappointed with its qualities.

  • Easy to grow
  • Survives with little care.
  • Two plants that can grow differently can still look nice.
  • Has a unique look.
  • Adjust wells with humidity.
  • Requires less water.
  • Stores water in its truck.
  • Gives away health benefits.
  • No extra maintenance is required.
  • Loves indoor light
  • Safe for kids and pets.
  • Excess water will affect the plant.
  • Expensive.

4. American Plant Exchange Areca Plam Live Plant:


If you want to have an indoor plant that comes with easy-care, is pet-friendly, and grows in a bright location, then American Plant Exchange Areca Plam Live Plant can be the perfect choice of indoor plant for you to have.

It is a house plant that looks very beautiful. You can decorate it in any corner or side of your house. It is an easy-care palm tree, so you are free from extra work. It is a plant that grows in a bright location can also bear the shades.

Besides, it carries a good amount of health benefits like it purifies the harmful chemicals from the air, can reduce stress, can boost up your mood. Also, it has a good height which can fit anywhere like in home, office, ideal size for selves. So, it is a considerable choice for an indoor plant.

  • Easy care.
  • Has a beautiful look.
  • It can be placed with any kind of indoor and outdoor decor.
  • No need for extra maintenance.
  • Has good height.
  • Good for health.
  • Scientifically approved.
  • Needs a moderate amount of water.
  • Needs watering once a week.
  • Causes no harm to the pet.
  • Affordable.
  • Full sun is not good for the plant.

5. Costa Farm Areca Butterfly Palm Tree:



If you are looking for an affordable houseplant that is easy to grow and comes with less maintenance? Then, you can go for Costa Farm Areca Butterfly Palm Tree.

It is an easy to grow palm tree that will not eat much of your energy. It is an easy-care palm tree that needs less amount of water. It wants a moderate amount of water to grow, so you are free from giving everyday water. It loves indoor light, even can tolerate the low light condition.

Also, having an areca palm tree will help clear the indoor air of pollutants. You can plant anywhere in the house as it will not cause any harm to the children or pets. So, it will make the house look beautiful. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly palm tree that will not cost much amount of your money and will add a nice look to your house.

  • Easy to grow.
  • Easy care.
  • Gives a beautiful look.
  • No need for regular water.
  • Less maintenance
  • Enjoys indoor light
  • Comes with a GRAY- TAUPE decorator pot.
  • Has health benefits.
  • Has a good height and size.
  • Requires average humidity.
  • Needs moderately moist soil.
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Affordable
  • Over-watering can be a major issue.
  • Direct sun can damage the tree.

Final Words: Best Palm Tree for Indoor 

These were the five best palm trees for indoor currently available in the market. We’ve tried to cover every detail in the article; it is on you which one to purchase.

Are you still confused about which is the best palm tree for indoor?

Well, we have made two final recommendations based on the best budget palm tree for indoors and the best overall palm tree for indoors. These are:

Costa Farm Areca Butterfly Palm Tree: Best Budget Palm Tree For Indoor

Costa Farm Areca Butterfly Palm Tree is the best budget palm tree for indoors. Not only because of its affordable budget but also because of its qualities. It is easy to grow a palm tree that will put glam into your decor. Getting such a quality palm tree at an affordable price is truly remarkable.

Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree: Best Overall Palm Tree For Indoor

The best overall palm tree for indoor is none other than Costa Farms Majesty Palm Tree. Despite having a few cons, which are very common in this category. It stands out the best as it gives a nice and elegant look to the house, is easy to grow and care for, provides health benefits, and many other quality features to look for. As a whole, this is the best overall palm tree for indoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pump tree good indoors?

Pumps are one of the ideal houseplants. They are tolerant of neglect. When they get the proper care, they grow best. It is an easy-care indoor plant that is a perfect match for homeowners because palm trees do not rely so much on light and easily adapt to the growing condition.

Where should you put a palm tree in your house?

Palm trees grow really tall, so the ideal direction of tall trees is southeast, for example, palm, coconut, etc. However, be sure there is enough distance between them and the house. Remember that some palm species do not like direct sun.

Can palm trees stay in the pot?

Most of the palm trees grow in the landscape. There are a few species that can grow well in container gardening. So, if you wish to grow a palm in a container, select species that are slow-growing or low-growing; also, it should be able to remain in the same container for about 2-4 years.

Is Epsom salt good for palm trees?

Yes, if used in the right amount of portion. Epsom salt can be a beneficial thing to palm trees. You can use it in preventing or treating magnesium deficiency. Magnesium sulfate will help to keep the soil of the tree rich. The palm trees will look beautiful and healthy.

What makes palm trees grow faster? 

Palm trees grow faster when they get slow and deep water. Palm is also drought tolerant. Turn the water off when you see the watering basin is full. Get an update on the moistness of the soil about once a week during the hot summer days. Whenever the soil is dry, water that time.

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