Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills 2022: Review with Buying Guide

Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills

Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills in 2022 that Do Not Slide: Review with Buying Guide: Do you need to replace the tire for your zero-turn mower? If you use it on a hilly lawn or yard, then you need to be careful.

That’s because not every tire is great for such surfaces. You will need something that can ride any uneven ground and not slide.

So, we are here to help you find the best zero-turn tires for hills. If you want to do that by yourself, it will take a lot of effort and time. Read this article till the end to save your time and find the zero-turn tires. But first, let’s learn how to select the best tire for your zero-turn vehicle.

Things to Check Before Buying a Zero Turn Tire for Hills

Finding the best zero-turn tire for hilly areas is quite a tough job. There are so many good tires available in the market. Before you select the best tire, check the following things first:

  • Ply Rating

Ply rating refers to the toughness of the tire. Usually, a high ply rating refers to better durability. But too high will cause the tire to be heavy. And it may hurt the ground. We recommend choosing a zero-turn tire with a four-ply rating. 2 is okay too, and a 6ply rating is recommended for heavy-duty.

  • Size

Every mower requires a specific size of tires. If you purchase the wrong size, you will not be able to use them. So, first, check the size of the original tire of your mower. And then match it with the one on the list. Some of the tires here have almost every size option.

  • Traction

When riding on hills, you must need something with high traction. Or else you may get stuck even in small holes. So, look for something that offers decent traction.

  • Tread Design and Pattern

You also need to check the tread design and patterns. Flat tires are for flat surfaces. If you try them on hills, your mower will slide down. Purchase something with any kind of block design.

  • Price

Price can also be a factor for some. Most good tires cost around a hundred dollars. But you also can get some tires at less than $30 and even higher than $300. Which one you choose entirely depends on your budget.

Top 9 Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills In 2022

Our experts have found many good zero-turn tires. After a lot of research and tests, we were able to narrow the list down to nine.  The following are the nine best zero turn tires for hills:

1. MaxAuto 23×10.50-12 AG Tires for Garden Tractor Lawn Riding 6ply Rated


When you are buying tires for hills, durability is one of the greatest concerns. That’s because the track is always unstable. The good thing is that the MaxAuto AG zero turn tires are 6ply rated. Hence, it offers thick and highly durable tires.

The sturdy tread lugs ensure max pulling power. And to talk about the traction, that is superior to most other zero-turn tires. The size of the tire is 23×10.50-12. And the weight distribution is excellent. Overall it is one of the best zero-turn tires for hills, according to our experts.

  • 6ply rated for maximum durability.
  • Offers excellent traction.
  • Amazing protection from sliding.
  • Superior performance on hills.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • Aggressive handling may tear up grasses.

2. Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire


If you are a regular buyer of mower tires, you would know how great the Carlisle brand is. Their zero-turn tires for hills also offer superior performance. That too within an affordable price.

The tire has quite a broad shoulder for stable performance. Then the rubber is also of high quality that offers satisfying durability. The manufacturer claims the tires to be puncture-resistant. If you are worried about the size, that will not be a problem. Carlisle zero-turn tires offer almost every size you may require. Remember to select your desired size before checkout on amazon.

  • Sturdy construction.
  • High durability.
  • Wide shoulder for stable performance.
  • Many tire size options.
  • Difficult installation process.

3. LotFancy 15×6-6 Turf Tubeless Tire Replacement for Lawn Mower, 4 Ply Rated


The LotFancy tire comes with excellent tractions to provide outstanding performance on hills. You can attach it with any of your zero-turn mowers, and you can expect a great result.

LotFancy has been known to produce high-quality tires and lawn equipment. This tire from them is 4ply rated. It enables the tire to resist punctures and abrasions. The tire uses a turf tech tread design. This tech allows the tire to improve the overall vehicle performance. It comes in a size of 15×6-6. If you want a highly durable performance beast, this is a great option.

  • Four-ply nylon construction to ensure maximum durability.
  • Turf tech tread design to perform with great traction on hills.
  • Less noise.
  • Wide shoulder design to minimize damage on hilly lawns.
  • Value for money.
  • Difficult to install.

4. MowerPartsGroup  4 Ply Reaper K3012 Heavy-Duty Tires


Are you looking for a heavy-duty tire for your zero-turn mower? Then MowerPartsGroup can help. The K3012 offers excellent performance in hilly areas. You can put as much pressure as you want; it will do great.

That should not be a problem if you have lots of rocks and other sharp objects. The 4ply design allows the tire to resist punctures well. It makes the tire highly durable too. However, the MowerPartsGroup K3013 tire comes in a size of 24×12-12. If you mow a lot or in a large area, you need to get heavy-duty tires. This one can be a perfect choice for that.

  • Good traction to provide dependable performance on hills.
  • Long durability.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Doesn’t drift on sidehills.
  • Excellent for large areas.
  • Running too fast with it can damage the ground.
  • Expensive.

5. Antego Hustler Chrome Silver Assembly Tire


If you have a hustler zero turn, then this one from Antego can be an excellent option. The best thing about this is that it is specially made for Hustlers. Hence, you can expect excellent performance as they are highly compatible together.

However, you also can use this on Gravely and most other zero turns. The tire is 4ply rated. Therefore, you need not worry much about the durability. It will do excellent on any hills. These tires come in a size of 18×8.5-8. You only need to bolt in and cut away for the installation. It can be one of the best hustler zero-turn tires for hills.

  • A wheel is provided with the tires.
  • It is specially built for Hustlers for consistent performance.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Decent traction.
  • Slightly narrow.

6. MaxAuto Turf Lawn Mower Riding Tire P332 4PR


Another excellent zero-turn tire from MaxAuto. Like the first one, this tire also impressed us very much. It has small tire pattern blocks, which help perform better on hills.

Besides, the unique pattern also decreases noise to a good level. The ground tire friction is quite good and helps to not slip on sidehills. You may worry that the tire may damage the grass. But this one is different and causes almost no harm. Hence, this can be a perfect replacement tire for your zero-turn mower. The size of the tire is 24×9.5-12.

  • Offers good handling of the mower.
  • Minimal damage to the grass.
  • Sturdy rubber formula to resist aging and heat.
  • Excellent for hills as well as turfs.
  • It can be used on a wide range of vehicles.
  • No rim included.

7. Kenda Scorpion K290 ATV Tire


Kenda is a renowned brand for producing different lawn care equipment and tires. They offer so many tires, but we are impressed with the K290 model. The unique design of this makes it excellent for hills.

Maybe not the lowest, but the tire comes at quite a low price. But in the case of performance, there is compromise. If you use this once, you will regret why you haven’t bought it earlier. Unlike other tires, it offers a wide range of size options. When purchasing on Amazon, select the desired tire size and checkout. If you are looking for maximum performance within budget, this one’s for you.

  • Excellent traction.
  • The lightweight design causes almost no damage to grasses.
  • Slip-resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Only 2 ply rated.

8. Deestone D265-Turf Load Range C 26120012 Tire


This zero-turn tire from Deestone is another heavy-duty tire to work on hills. It has a wide shoulder design with a unique block pattern. Such design enables the tire to have better stability.

This one is made of high-quality rubber to have a better grip on the ground. Due to its lightweight design, it will not harm your lawn much. You can have a neat and clean lawn. Besides, you can work longer and put high pressure on this heavy-duty tire. Above we have already included a heavy-duty tire. But if you are on a budget, then maybe this one is a better option for you.

  • High-quality thread for decent hold on rocky hills.
  • Affordable heavy-duty tires.
  • Attracts fewer muds.
  • Stable performance on hills.
  • Less durable.

9. WANDA 18×9.50-8 Lawn Mower Utility Cart Turf Tires P332 -13032



Do narrow tires worry you that your mower may slip sideways and turn down? Well, Wanda tires are very wide to protect you from such incidents. Besides, it offers excellent performance too.

Wanda has been delivering some great tires lately. And the one for zero turn mower for hills also is excellent. It has shown excellent traction in our tests.

Besides, this is a 4ply tubeless tire. That ensures durable performance. The size of the Wanda zero turn tire is 18×9.5-8. Overall, these are quite good zero-turn tires for hills.

  • Good traction to perform well on hills.
  • Do not tear up the grass while mowing.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Excellent durability.
  • No rims were provided.

Final Words: Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills for Hills

These were some of the best zero-turn tires for hills. We hope you have selected the one you want to purchase for your mower. But if you are still confused, then our final two recommendations may help you.

Budget Best  Zero-Turn Tire

If you are on a tight budget, then you can go for Carlisle Turf Lawn Tire. It costs less than $30. Within this budget, you will get excellent performance. This model comes with many size options. So, regardless of which zero turn you have, the tire should fit.

Overall Best Zero Turn Tire for Hills

This one from MaxAuto AG Tires for Lawn Riding has outperformed other tires in almost every criteria. Especially its high durability with a six-ply rate makes it one of the best. If you have the budget, we highly recommend you purchase this product.

Frequently Asked Question

Do zero-turn mowers work well on hills?

Zero-turn mowers provide versatile performance. Many people use them on hills and are satisfied.

How can I get better traction on my zero turns?

You need to have tires with block tread design and patterns. Such tires offer the most traction for any zero-turn.

Can you use a zero turn on hills?

Yes, you can. However, you need to have suitable tires for that. Usual tires with a flat design will slide on hills. So, try to get something that has good traction.

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Can zero turns get wet?

You can use zero turns on wet ground. The mower may get wet. However, mowing on such land may damage the surface. Hence, try to mow when the ground is dry.

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