How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden? Complete Guide

How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden

Top 5 Effective Ways to Prevent Cats from Pooping In Your Garden? Step by Step Guide: Cat pooping in the garden is one of the most common unfortunate problems that every gardener faces. A garden is decorated with all your effort, time, and money. No gardener will be including you, will want the garden to be used as a cat litter box. So, you must be thinking about how to stop cats pooping from in your garden. Well, there are some effective ways you can apply. 

Although, before jumping to any solution, one needs to have a proper idea about the cat, the dangers of cat poop in the garden, and how to prevent them in simple ways. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to know about how to stop cats pooping from your garden with a step-by-step guide. So please, stay connected; it will surely help you. 

About Cats


About Cats


Cats are the most popular domestic kinds of species of small carnivorous mammals. Cat is a feline friend that is an important and most loved family member. There are a huge number of cat breeds present in the world. Each cat breeds are immensely beautiful, but one thing that annoys a pet owner is its pooping problem. Be it in the house, lawn, garden, or even worse, if a cat is trespassing your garden to poop.

The Danger of Cat Poop In Garden

Cat poop is a serious problem that cannot be taken lightly. It needs immediate solutions as it’s harmful to the garden and human health. Some dangers of cat pooping in the garden are:

  • Is cat poop dangerous? Certainly yes, it’s dangerous and harmful as it carries a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii that is harmful to the human body. So, if poop is in the garden area, then it is harmful to human health. 
  • If a cat pooped in the garden, you should not grow anything in that soil as it’s badly contaminated and can damage plants. 
  • Cap poop gives away a very bad smell that is not good for humans and the environment. 

However, to deal with such problems, you need to apply some effective methods. As if you do not take proper action, it will be a fixed occurring problem in your garden.  

How To Stop Cats Pooping From Your Garden (5 Effective Ways)

There are so many ways to prevent cats from pooping in the garden. So, you might get easily confused about which one to apply. So, here are five effective ways that will help you to stop cats from pooping in your garden. 

Start With your Garden

Before going for any method, you have to clean all the fresh dirt and debris from the garden. If your garden has a soft surface, loose soil, fresh dirt, and soft plants, then these are more inviting to cats. To stop them from visiting, you have to change the whole environment of your garden. 

  • Fencing 




Fencing for cats can be the best option you can prefer. Cats are very delicate animals; their paws are very sensitive, so if you cover your ground properly, it will go further. For that, you can use chicken wire to cover your plants and garden area. Cats do not like walking in the chicken wire, so this can be the most practical solution for you to choose. 

Also, there are other options you can choose like you can install netting if you want to protect some specific area. Fencing can also be a good option. These will help you in stopping cats as cats will find it difficult to climb it over. 

Try to cover the garden area with sharp or picky objects to make it more solid. Try to cover the grounds with twigs. If the cat tries to jump, this will make them uncomfortable to walk further. If you are wondering about how to stop cats from pooping in the garden, then these fencing methods will surely help you. However, before installing all these, get a proper estimation of the whole area of the garden. 

  • Strong Odors 

Cats do not like strong smells. You can use this in your favor by applying a strong smell to your garden. To save time, you can make Homemade cat repellent spray.

  • Cat dislikes the smell of lavender, cinnamon, citrus peels, essential oil, peppermint, and vinegar. These are some common items that can be found in the house. 

To make the spray you need:

Mix apple vinegar and water with a 1:1 ratio. (The substitution of vinegar can be lavender, citronella, lemongrass)

It should be one part oil and the rest three parts of water. 

Mix it well and spray it into the garden.  Another easy solution you can make is to mix the essential oil with water in a spray bottle and mix it well. Then, spray it all over the garden. This will create a strong odor that will help to prevent cats from your garden. 

  • Cat Repellent from Market

You can buy lion dung from the market.  As cats are territorial creatures, they like to leave a mark by leaving smells. Lion dung is a cat repellent product that works well in deterring cats. Because it’s a lion poo and has a very strong odor, if you sprinkle it over the garden, a cat will think twice before entering it. 

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  • Planting Plants

There are some plants to stop cats pooping in the garden. These are:

  • Rue
  • Lavender 
  • Lemon thyme 
  • Pennyroyal

These are some plants that you can plant to stop cats from coming. Whether it’s your pet cat or feral cat, if they smell these plants, they are unlikely to come back. 

Install a Sprinkler


Install a sprinkler


It’s a fact that cats are not fond of water or getting wet. It can be the easiest way for you to try. If you install an automatic water sprinkler or motion-activated sprinkler, it will be a helpful option. Whenever a cat tries to enter, the frequent water sprinkles will bother them from entering. As a result, they will not come again to the spot.

Use Sound and Light Reflection 

Cats like to be in a quiet place; they do not like to be near loud noises. In this case, you can use an ultrasonic cat repellent in your garden. It will be a beneficial option because whenever an animal, including a cat, tries to enter your garden, the ultrasonic sound repellent will start making noise. By hearing this noise, the cats will be alert and try to avoid this place.

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There is also another option which is light reflection. You can place unwanted CDs in your garden area. Cats are sensitive to light reflection. So, if there is too much light, they may not see properly, which will stop them from coming closer to the garden and pooping. This is an eco-friendly option that will help to prevent cats from coming. 

These are some effective ways that will help you to prevent cats from pooping or peeing in your garden. These will not cause any direct harm to the cats; however, be careful to apply the methods.  

Final Thoughts: How to Stop Cats from Pooping in the Garden? 

We are hoping you have gathered enough details about how to stop cats from pooping in the garden. You can choose any method and will surely get the desired result. Cats cannot be blamed for their poop problem; if they find the place suitable, they tend to select it as their litter tray. So, it’s your duty to be alert and apply the methods properly. So have patience as some methods may take time. But the end result will be satisfying.  Happy gardening. 

Frequently Answered Questions

What happens When a cat poops in your Garden?

Answer: Cats tend to use soft soil to poop in the garden. Cat fences can be a serious disease in humans. Not just cat any animal waste is harmful to the human also to gardens.

Does Coffee Stop Cats from Pooping in my Garden?

Answer: The way you simply loathe the smell of cat urine and poo in the same way, cats simply do not like the smell of your everyday citrus fruits and coffee grounds. So, better take advantage of this opportunity.

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What is the Best Cat Repellent for the Garden?

Answer: Scent deterrent like citronella will help to repel the cats, or you can mark territory with a silent roar. Also, you can try using orange or lemon peel. The strong smell will surely help to repel the cats.

What do Cats not like in the Garden?

Answer: Cats do not like the strong smell of lavender, pennyroyal, Coleus Canina, lemon thyme, or citrus. Plant a few throughout the garden and see how effectively it works on them.

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